Business compliance

The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, as well as a growing number of regional and national regulations, expect companies to “know and show” that they respect human rights.

The most severe impacts on human rights are likely to occur in High-Risk Environments (HREs) characterized by weak governance, diminished or nonexistent rule of law, endemic corruption, extreme poverty, and ongoing or recent armed conflict.

Managing human-rights risks in HREs raises numerous practical challenges:

  • Assessing the impacts of operations and relationships in remote and, at times, informal settings;
  • Addressing the implications of conflicts between international human-rights standards and national law;
  • Understanding the forms of leverage that may be exerted on suppliers or other actors along supply chains;
  • Accessing and engaging with local stakeholders in order to constructively identify, prioritize, and mitigate human-rights impacts;
  • Measuring and monitoring social impact and performance over time.

Our Business & Human Rights Task Force is a multidisciplinary, multinational team of legal professionals and CSR:

Marie Guiraud, France
Richard Rogers, UK
Andrew Ianuzzi, USA
Santiago Porto, Spain
Elaine Mitchel-Hill, UK

Our team members work on both public- and private-sector projects, across a range of industries, as well as with various international legal mechanisms. In responding to specific needs, our core team is able to draw from Global Diligence’s large and diverse pool of experts in order to deliver bespoke solutions to our clients.