About us

Global Diligence is a UK-registered Limited Liability Partnership. We are a for-profit legal advisory service engaged in public interest work. Besides its founding partners, Global Diligence LLP relies on a network of international experts and partner organisations.


  • We are international lawyers, experts in our field.
  • We specialise in conflict prevention and post-conflict transitional justice strategies.
  • We have lived and worked in high-risk and conflict-affected environments ourselves. We have first hand knowledge of the legal and practical issues involved.
  • We have worked closely with NGOs and international organisations and utilise our network to ensure concrete and tailor-made advice.
  • We believe in the added value of sensitive field-work and rigorous on-the-ground assessment.
  • We are committed to disseminating and assisting in the implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other human rights and humanitarian law instruments.