Aug 16


GD Partner, Richard J Rogers, addresses mass gathering of Sikhs at Trafalgar Square, London, on the right to self-determination.


SIKHS FOR JUSTICE (SFJ), a New York based human rights organisation, engaged Global Diligence to advise on the international legal right of peoples to self-determination.


SFJ plans to hold a non-binding referendum, in November 2020, asking the worldwide Sikh community to vote for or against secession from India and the creation of a Sikh homeland as an independent state (Kalistan).  To kick-off the process, SFJ organised a gathering of Sikhs at Trafalgar Square, London, called the LONDON DECLARATION.  A demarche by India requesting the UK to block the gathering was rejected following GD’s intervention.


Attended by 5,000-10,000 Sikhs, international lawyers Richard J Rogers (GD Partner), Andrew Ianuzzi (GD Counsel), and Jamie Burton (Doughty Street Chambers) outlined the international law on a range of issues.


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