Feb 17


GD Partner meet Seychelles President to discuss TRC

GD partner, Richard J Rogers, is advising the Seychelles National Assembly Committee on Truth and Reconciliation Committee on the set and functioning of a Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission (“TRC”).

The cross party Committee is chaired by the leader of the opposition, Mr Wavel Ramkalawan, and is tasked with drafting a law to establish a TRC to examine human rights abuses that occurred during or in relation to the Coup of 1977. The Coup and its aftermath left deep scars in Seychellois society. The aim of the truth commission is to give victims an opportunity to tell their story, to begin the healing process, and to foster reconciliation for individuals and society. Both political parties, as well as President Faure, fully support the TRC.

Rogers met with President Faure at State House to discuss the challenges ahead. Keen to see the TRC a success, the President stated: “Our generation can not leave this burden for our children and grand children to carry.”

See State House Press release here: