Jan 15


Global Diligence Partner–Richard J Rogers–authors new report on the ICC’s legal aid system

The Registrar of the International Criminal Court (ICC) commissioned Global Diligence Partner, Richard J Rogers, to reassess the functioning of the ICC’s legal aid system and present adjustments to the legal aid remuneration policy for the consideration of the Assembly.

Rogers’ report entitled “Assessment of the ICC’s Legal Aid System” compares and contrasts the legal aid scheme of the ICC with those operating at other international tribunals. The report makes a series of recommendations with the aim of finding the right balance between financial accountability and efficient financial management.

The International Criminal Court Bar Association (ICCBA) President, David Hooper QC, stated that:

“The conclusions of the report are of obvious importance to ICCBA members and will greatly assist in the development of a fairer legal aid scheme at the ICC.” Commenting on the substance of the recommendation, he added “Rogers has got it very largely right.”

The report is available for download on the ICCBA’s website.