Jan 15


GD Partner Richard J Rogers speaks out in Al Jazeera Documentary on political assassination in Cambodia.

In Al Jazeera’s new 101 East documentary, “Cambodia’s Deadly Politics”, journalist Mary Ann Jolly explores the suspicious murder of Cambodian political commentator, Dr. Kem Ley. On 10 July 2016, Dr Ley was gunned down in broad daylight two days after calling on the Cambodian Prime Minister to explain his vast business interests.

Rogers discusses the circumstances surrounding the murder as well as the Communication he filed to the International Criminal Court (ICC), which highlights this and other crimes committed by the Cambodian ruling elite.

Kem Ley’s social commentary and popularity became a threat to the Cambodian ruling elite providing them with a clear motive to silence him. As Rogers points out “the last thing the ruling elite want is for people to hear the truth about this exploitative and abusive system they are perpetrating”.

The documentary is available for streaming on 101 East.