Dec 13


GD Partner Alexandre Prezanti authors new human rights investigations and litigation manual for francophone Africa

GD Partner Alexandre Prezanti has authored a human rights investigations and litigation manual focused on francophone Africa. The manual, entitled ‘Guide Pratique: Documenter les graves violations des droits humains et accompagner les victims dans leur quête de justice’ (Documenting serious human rights violations and supporting victims in their quest for justice: A Practical Guide), was published by the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), an international human rights NGO federating 184 organizations from 112 countries.

An online version is available here.

The manual provides information on the content of human rights treaties with examples of how rights have been interpreted by international and regional human rights bodies. Next, it gives practical advice and recommendations on how to investigate human rights violations and build case files in a way that ensures the reliability and the admissibility of documented evidence before courts and tribunals. The last two chapters explain how to translate human rights violations into domestic and international crimes, and provide practical guidance on representing victims before national, regional and international courts and quasi-judicial bodies.

The aim of this publication is to assist lawyers and frontline human rights defenders to seek justice on behalf of victims of serious human rights violations. It is hoped that the practical information contained therein will help to streamline investigations, increase the quality of documented evidence and its likelihood of being used in court proceedings, and help litigators to find the most appropriate solutions on behalf of their clients.

The manual has been widely distributed to FIDH partner organisations.